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Telephone: 727 875 081
E-mail: chata@moravanka.cz
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The chalet Moravanka is located in the eastern part
of the Krkonoše Mountains, in the little picturesque village of Malá Úpa, at an elevation of 1,021 metres above sea level.

It is located above a valley dominated by the church with the highest elevation in the Czech Republic
– the church of St. Peter and Paul. The ski resort
„U kostela“ (“By the Church”) is located in close vicinity, with 1,000, 400, 300 meter-long ski lifts, artificial snow and a possibility for night skiing.
A well-maintained cross-country skiing trail goes past the chalet.

How to reach us


Dolní Malá Úpa 79, 542 27 Malá Úpa

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The chalet commands a magnificent view of Mount Sněžka, which, located at a distance of 10 km away, simply lures to go on a trip.

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Dárkové poukazy

V hodnotě 1.000 Kč, 3.000 Kč, 5.000 Kč

In our chalet, you can purchase a ski pass at a discounted price!

Skimu pack – more information is available at www.skimu.cz